Our Story

Dream Diffuser began not as a want but as a need; the need to be able to have quality sleep and be effective the following day. The founders of Dream diffuser started facing insomnia and sleep schedule issues due to the Covid-19 lockdown and have tried all sorts of ways to fix their sleep related issues. After much experimentation, we have discovered that the best way that helped us was the Dream Diffuser and realized that if only more people had access to it, it would help them just as it has helped us. With our proprietary ingredient and technology, we are able to deliver the best essential oil has to offer directly into your body with a mist. The ingredients in this device is scientifically proven to help your mind achieve peace and feel Zen. After a long day, this device will help you calm your mind by diminishing the stress hormones in your body. Your body will then be in the perfect state for sleep.


We offer the best quality sleeping aid in the market at the most affordable price! There are similar products on the market from international brands but none as affordable as ours for the sole reason that we want to improve the quality of life of individuals by making sure that they sleep well at an affordable price.